Current conditions for KCNewton

(Figures in parentheses indicate hourly change)


 46.9°F (2.7)

 Dew Point:

 45.0°F (2.7)

 Wind Chill:

 46.9°F (2.7)

 Wind Speed:

 0 MPH (0)

 Wind Direction:



 30.15 inHg (0.02)


 0.00 in/h (0.00)

 Current Conditions:

 Heavy Clouds

 Time Of Sample (local):

 7 May 2021 6:57 AM

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The Wind Direction dial indicates the current immediate wind direction via the long pointer and the 10-minute average wind direction with the short pointer. If the short pointer is gray, then WeatherCat hasn?t had time to finish calculating the average wind direction; when it has, the pointer turns red. The figures in the centre of the dial are the current wind direction on top and the average wind direction on bottom.

The Wind Speed dial indicates the current wind speed via the longer of the two pointers and the 10-minute average via the shorter pointer. Again, the average pointer will be gray until WeatherCat has had time to calculate the correct value. The figures in the centre of the dial are, from the top, the instantaneous wind speed, the 10-minute average speed, the 10-minute wind gust and the daily high.

The Wind Rose gauge indicates all known wind vectors since midnight. Wind run is the amount of wind that has passed your location in a given time. For example if the wind was blowing at a constant 1 mile per hour for 1 hour, then the wind run would be 1 mile for that hour. If the wind velocity increased to 5 miles per hour then it would be 5 miles, or 120 miles in 24 hours. The wind run gauge goes one step further and displays the wind run for each degree of the compass – this gives a visual representation of where the wind has been blowing from over the last 24 hours. The numbers at the bottom of the wind run gauge shows the total daily wind run and the current scale of the gauge – i.e. the length of the longest wind run vector being displayed. An option in WeatherCat?s preferences can overlay the current wind-run vector if required.

The Pressure dial indicates the current reading and the daily low and high values via the red pointers. The numbers in the centre show the current pressure and the three-hour pressure change. The three-hour pressure change is a good indicator of what the weather is going to do. If the pressure is rising, then it is likely the weather is improving and if falling, the weather is likely to deteriorate. If the pressure is falling quickly, then it is possible a storm is on its way.

The Calculated Cloud Base dial indicates the current calculated cloud base along with the daily low and high via the red pointers. The figures on the dials are in 1000?s of units; thus 1.5 reads as 1500. Calculated cloud base is derived from the air temperature and dew point and gives an approximate indication of the base of cumulus clouds.

The Solar and U.V. gauges are not displayed by default; they can be enabled from the Misc 2 pane of WeatherCat preferences. The smaller pointer on the Solar dial is the 10- minute average, the larger pointer is the instantaneous reading. The top figure is the current value, the middle figure is the 10-minute average and the bottom figure is the daily high.

The thermometer type gauges indicate the current values of various weather variables along with the daily high (red) and daily low (blue) values as horizontal bars.

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